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2nd-Feb-2017 08:06 pm - HAIKYUU SALES POST TAKE THREE
All the leftovers from sales post #2, and then some! Made into a new post to avoid clutter.

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22nd-Jan-2017 02:13 pm - HAIKYUU SALES POST TAKE TWO


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13th-Sep-2016 03:13 pm - HUGE FLIPPIN HAIKYUU SALES POST
UPDATE 09/16 1 PM: All completed orders have been shipped!

UPDATE 09/15 3 PM: SALES CLOSED, NO NEW ORDERS ACCEPTED! Approved orders need payment sent within 24 hours or they will be canceled.


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16th-May-2016 08:06 pm - TENTH DOLL ANNIVERSARY

(Bigger version)
WELL SNAP ME DOWN!!! Ten years ago TODAY I received my first doll as an "adult collector"... ten years... it's been ten years. Ten years and 38 dolls. NOT BAD!!!

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26th-May-2015 07:53 pm - A DOLL A DAY 2015! WEEK 21

Day 138: (scream) (Ivy had a falling out with Tim after learning that he doesn't like ice cream. So she's back with the vermin crew for now.)

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14th-May-2015 10:25 pm - INTRODUCING ESTELLA

Monster: Soooo how was Japan?
Diego: Pretty good I guess. Aside from, y'know, not ever actually leaving the dorm because everything was so hectic.

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12th-May-2015 07:50 pm - A DOLL A DAY 2015! WEEK 19
I'm... I'm caught up!!! Yeeeaaaahhh!!! Will it stay this way?! I dunno, but here's hoping!

Day 124: Are they ever going to show anything else?

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