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I sometimes search for my all-time favorite cartoon, Tiny Toon Adventures, on Yahoo! Japan because even though it isn't a Japanese cartoon, Japan has great toys. Not too long ago I came across this total goldmine of keychain figures!

I got the full set, and it appears to be Japan-exclusive.

Buster!!!...was my favorite as a kid. The more I rewatch Tiny Toon Adventures, however, the more I discover how awfully bland he is. He does have his moments, just... he feels very shoe-horned in as the "star" of the show. Babs has so much more personality. This keychain is also kind of bland but still cute!

Yeah, these days I'm all about Babs. What an absolutely fantastic character! Great keychain too! Love the pose. Definitely my favorite.

Plucky has always been awesome. Plucky will always be awesome. Cute keychain!

Poor Hamton! I really should have invested in more magic erasers before this photoshoot. He may look happy, but he's surely freaking out on the inside.

I'm not the biggest Dizzy fan, but this is a great keychain.

Furrball! You're cute. Yeah. Next!

Tweety is my favorite Looney Toon, so I of course totally dig Sweetie as well. This is another nice keychain! I like how bird-like she is.

I have more Tiny Toon merchandise to show off, but my image editing program was being stupid and I didn't feel like rebooting my computer, so maybe next time? Stay tooned~
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