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Man oh man I've been after the brushable Powerpuff Girls dolls forEVER! Or at least since seeing them on Flickr a few years ago. I was lucky enough to get my hands on an incomplete yet near mint condition Blossom last year, and just now, I finally got my hands on all three of them, although they needed some major TLC. But that's part of the fun, isn't it? I've been on a major Cartoon Network kick this year, which just made me all the more excited to finally obtain these dolls!

Blossom, my favorite Powerpuff Girl. Her hair is still really frizzy, but a nice curl makes it less noticable.

Bubbles was super fun to style!

Buttercup, not so much. One would think she would be the easiest to take care of due to her short hair, but it's so short that it's super hard to curl and get right! I'll probably try again later.

Here's how they arrived... eugh. Their hair were a complete and total mess, all their clothes were missing, and someone had erased their painted on shoes and underwear. That's... kind of weird. I'm surprised Blossom's hair accessories were intact.

After much trying and failing, I somehow managed to make their trademark dresses using fabric, ribbon and glue. I tried with needle and thread first... I really did. Their stockings and shoes were painted on.

Here's my new Blossom together with the near mint Blossom I got last year. New Blossom's facial screening is slightly crooked, making it look like she's tilting her head a little. I think it's cute! Originally, the red bow was stitched to her hair, but I had to remove the stitches when I tidied up New Blossom's hair. My solution of gluing a hair clip to the bow works and looks nice from the front, at least.

Here are my pictures of Blossom from last year that I never got around to post.

The dolls have articulated arms and necks. The legs are static.

My Blossom didn't come with her complete outfit, but I did get her extra pair of pants.

These dolls are incredibly tiny and I haven't been able to find anything else for them to wear in my piles of doll clothing. The closest I got was Sylvanian Families child clothing, but even those are too big!

Blossom chilling with Voff on the Dreamshelf.

All right, back to the present! New Blossom's frizzy hair is a lot more noticable next to Mint Blossom. While the original dolls came with little heart stands with pegs the holes in their feet fit into, I made stands for my new dolls using simple paperclips. It works surprisingly well!

The girls proceeded to explore the Dreamshelf.

Blossom has obviously taken a shine to the library room. I made the mini books after getting some inspiration. Mine are made of printer paper and the quality is pretty laughable in comparison, but hey, they work!

Bubbles prefers the bedroom with all the stuffed animals.

She has happily taken Squidward as an Octi replacement.

Buttercup likes the game room. The mini tabletop soccer game is from a capsule machine in Japan.

Everybody loves Rody!

What more can I say? I love these dolls. They're definitely high up on my list of favorite toys ever!
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