THE DREAMSHELF (dreamshelf) wrote,

A DOLL A DAY 2015! WEEK 20

Day 131: No time for antics today.

Day 132: Give it to me straight, how cool did this turn out?!

Day 133: I'm just holding on to this for you.

Day 134: Okay so who hasn't had their picture taken for A Doll A Day yet?!

Day 135: Aspirations

Day 136: This is how I made toy houses as a kid.

Day 137: I don't know what I'm supposed to be celebrating, but I look so fancy, right?

Jacques: 6
Ivy: 29
Alonso: 14
Diego: 6
Middie: 4
Megan: 2
Alex: 10
Igor: 10
Blythe: 9
KB: 8
Juliet: 2
Tiger: 5
Voff: 3
Mime: 1
Nova: 3
Clara: 2
Trick: 3
Oliver: 1
Estella: 2
Penny: 2
Tip: 1
Money: 1
Princess Pig: 1
Bubbles: 2
Buttercup: 2
Blossom: 3
Elmyra: 4
Nikki: 9
Monster: 5
Wolfgang: 4
Lilith: 2
769: 2
Tim: 29
Lucky: 2
Luna: 2
Edward: 1
Kalista: 1
Dolly: 2
Richie: 2
Bill: 2
Eddie: 1
The Dodger: 1
Tilly: 1
Tags: a doll a day 2015, bjd, blythe, byul, isul, kotoribir, odeco and nikki, pullip series


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