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16th-May-2016 08:06 pm

(Bigger version)
WELL SNAP ME DOWN!!! Ten years ago TODAY I received my first doll as an "adult collector"... ten years... it's been ten years. Ten years and 38 dolls. NOT BAD!!!

Monster, Kalista, Diego, Alonso, Tim, Voff, Igor, Ivy, Shinku, Trick, Penny

Mime, Tiger, Elmyra, Nova, Clara, Edward, Blythe, Middie

Tilly, Jack in the Box

Lilith, Luna, Oliver, the Dodger, Bill, Richie, Eddie

Nikki, Lucky, 769, Dolly, Wolfgang, KB, Estella, Juliet, Alex

WOW. What can I even say at this point? It's been an incredible journey for me, leading to tons of fun moments and even self discoveries! Doll collecting has been an extremely rewarding hobby for me, and even after ten years, I only want to keep going!
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