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UPDATE 09/16 1 PM: All completed orders have been shipped!

UPDATE 09/15 3 PM: SALES CLOSED, NO NEW ORDERS ACCEPTED! Approved orders need payment sent within 24 hours or they will be canceled.


Open for a VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! (until Thursday, September 15th, 3 PM CET) as I'm leaving for a trip on September 25th.

Shipping worldwide from Norway.

Since I'm in a hurry, I must receive payment within 24 hours of making the deal.

You have two options, regular airmail without tracking or insurance, or "carryon cash" WITH tracking and insurance... but at a ridiculously high cost. It begins at like, $40. But let it be known that I've never had an outgoing package lost with regular airmail.

Airmail starts at $3 for light, flat things. Usual shipping cost for a figure or two is $8. It's a little cheaper within Europe.

All prices are in US dollars.

Discounts if you buy lots of things may apply! Haggling is welcome. Try me!!

Paypal only.

When paying, please write your lj/tumblr/whatever username and what you're buying in the notes field.

Lately I've only really been doing sales to close friends because I'm tired and rising shipping prices have made me lose all hope, BUT I have a history of doing it successfully in the past, so you can trust me. Ebay feedback is here. Veterans at pkmncollectors will probably know me, and uhh here's an old oofuri lj sales post I did... just for your reference.

Place an order by making a comment! If you don't have a livejournal account, post anonymously and introduce yourself with your tumblr/twitter/whatever username.


First of all: I'm willing to sell the whole friggin lot as pictured in the splash photo and also including everything for sale below for $600 including insured shipping. Throwing in goods not pictured as well. (This offer will be prioritized, so if someone goes for it, all other incomplete orders will be canceled/refunded, unless they have already been shipped and marked as sold.) Currently completed too many orders for this to be doable, but I might still be able to piece together a new, cheaper lot of everything that doesn't get sold.

$15 each: Tomy plush dolls. A little dusty. Kenma has a tiny red stain on the back on his head from when I didn't move him out of the way when drilling into my wall.

$15 each: pouch plush
$10: Kageyama/Hinata scarf
Sold: Oikawa pouch plush

$7 each: anichara hero figures
Sold: Akaashi

$5 each: colorcolle charm figures
Sold: Asahi, Kageyama, Yachi, Tanaka

$40: Tsukishima lot, sold together. Might toss in more Tsukishimas if I find them lying around. Never Mind, I'm soft!!
$10: Biggish banpresto figure
$3: Mini bird figure
$5: Everything else
Sold: Kyunchara figure

$30: long can badge set. These are actually unopened; the whole collection is included except Kageyama. Will consider opening them and selling separately if enough interest is shown.

$10e each: Kageyama ichiban kuji figure (upper left corner)
$3-$5 each: Kageyama goods! Wowza!

$3-$5 each: MORE Kageyama goods!
Sold: Acrylic training camp standee charm

$7 each: Kageyama clearfile/washcloth set
$3 each: Even more Kageyama goods!

$5 each: Clearfiles

$3 each: Mini clearfiles
Sold: Asahi

$20: Hinata/Kageyama pearly ichiban kuji figure set. Has been opened but put back in the box.
$7: the chain of Karasuno bird figures sold as a set.
$3: Tsukishima bird figure
$5 each: Everything else.
Sold: Suga bird and Kuroo cat diorama calendar figures, Kenma with cat hat

$5 each

$2 each: can badges
Sold: Asahi, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi name badge, Asahi, Daichi, Suga, Noya, Tanaka, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi winter badges, chibi Tanaka badge

$3 each: Karasuno bird figures
$5 each: the other figures

$5 each: mochi mascots
Sold: Yamaguchi

$7: DAMAGED Hinata nendoroid, due to careless storage. Perfect for customizing or if you just don't care about conditions.
$10: Limited Good Smile Company Hinata nendoroid strap

$2 each: semi-damaged Kageyama goods. Bluetack stains on the back of the giant badge, the strap has a pin hole poked through the packaging.

See anything in the big splash picture that I didn't list? Inquire!

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