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22nd-Jan-2017 02:13 pm


Shipping worldwide from Japan.

I must receive payment within 24 hours of making the deal or I'll cancel the order.

Shipping starts at $4 for small items. An additional $4 can be added for tracking. EMS options are also available but will be pricier.

All prices are in US dollars.

Discounts if you buy lots of things may apply! Haggling is welcome. Try me!!

Paypal only.

When paying, you can send the payment directly from your paypal, or I can make you an invoice. If paying directly, please write your lj/tumblr/whatever username and what you're buying in the notes field. If you'd like an invoice, leave me your email address.
My paypal: cartoonridi@yahoo.no

Lately I've only really been doing sales to close friends because I'm tired and rising shipping prices have made me lose all hope, BUT I have a history of doing it successfully in the past, so you can trust me. Here's my latest Haikyuu sales post that went very well. Ebay feedback is here. Veterans at pkmncollectors will probably know me, and uhh here's an old oofuri lj sales post I did... just for your reference.

Place an order by making a comment! If you don't have a livejournal account, post anonymously and introduce yourself with your tumblr/twitter/whatever username.



"Drop" keychains, $7 each

"Magemage mascot" rubber straps, $9 each

Animate Only Shop limited rubber bracelets, $8 each

Animate Only Shop limited acrylic bottle cap standees, $9 each
SOLD: Kageyama x 2, Goshiki

Another promotional postcard set: $3 SOLD

$7: Plastic-y totebag, roughly 32 cm tall

$5: Mini towel

$20: Soft minky blanket, roughly 90x60 cm

$10: Mini pillow with ball-type keychain, roughly 16x16 cm (Pokemon ruler for comparison, not included :B)

UPDATE: It would be swell if I could get the bigger stuff gone before leaving Japan, so I'm making a bundle deal: The above items: Plastic-y tote bag, mini towel, soft minky blanket, and mini pillow all together for $25!

$3 each: Little plastic zip pouches
SOLD: Nekoma, Fukurodani, Seijo

$12: Karasuno bird mug SOLD

$7: Hinata rubber strap SOLD
$9: Goshiki acrylic bottlecap standee SOLD
$5: Ushijima new years kuji badge
$10: Ushijima new years kuji rubber strap

$15: Aoba Josai genga exhibition limited postcard set SOLD

"Gasp... Ridi... you're selling a TENDO?!?!?" Well yes I preordered way too many in my excitement and now I'd like to SHARE one with YOU to spread the Tendo LOVE, is that such a crime?
$35: Tendo large size Nitotan plush doll SOLD 8__8

$5: Iwachan genga exhibition limited can badge SOLD

$12: Ushijima Banpresto acrylic keychain

$2: Promotional postcard set SOLD

$15: Genga exhibition limited sketchbook SOLD
$3 each: Dateko, Seijo, Karasuno, Fukurodani, and Nekoma team pencils SOLD

Uniform badges! I cannot be bothered to take them all out of the packaging for photographs, but I have the full set up for grabs except Shiratorizawa.

Option 1: Single uniforms, $6 each. When ordering these, specify the team and number because I can't keep up with all the names lol.

Option 2: Buy a full team set! Available as long as no one purchases a single badge. I will prioritize this, so if person A requests one badge and person B later requests a team, person B will get to make the purchase.
Karasuno: $45
Aoba Josai (including the two reverse colors): $50
Nekoma: $20
Dateko: $20

Karasuno: 2, 11
Aoba Josai: 1, 1 (reverse), 4, 4 (reverse)
Nekoma: All
Dateko: All
Fukurodani: All

SOLD Genga exhibition limited calendar: Four scenes spread out over a year's worth of weeks flip-book style. I bought this for the Ushijima sequence. If there's any interest, I'd like to tear out and sell the other three sequences. Another option is to tear out the Ushijima sequence and sell the rest as a 3 in 1 dealie.

$10: Hinata set

$10: Kageyama set

$10: Oikawa set

OR: The whole calendar with the Ushijima sequence torn out for $20.
22nd-Jan-2017 05:49 am (UTC)
i hate myself but i knew i was going to do this soooo (kristan/wafflingdespair btw, livejournal is a blast from the past wow)

1 promo postcards pleeease
2 calendar. whole thing, i'll take it, my grubby paws want the art.
3 mug? mug, sure.

edit: i'm considering the wakas btw i'll be back in 12 hours to see if anyone cares A Lot because i don't truly deserve them.

Edited at 2017-01-22 05:53 am (UTC)
22nd-Jan-2017 06:04 am (UTC)
I'll put it all in yo' pile!!! OH I just realized I made a HUGE SIGNIFICANT TYPO!!! I'm selling the calendar WITHOUT the ushijima sequence, are you still interested?
22nd-Jan-2017 01:50 pm (UTC)

I would be interested in a couple of things:

$3 each: Little plastic zip pouches -> the Seijoh one

$5: Iwachan genga exhibition limited can badge

$6 Uniform badges: Seijoh 1 & 4 - normal and reverse colors, Karasuno no. 2, Datekou set

$15: Aoba Josai genga exhibition limited postcard set: you probably won't split this up, right? (I am mostly interested in the Iwachan card). I would take it, though, if we could talk about a discount ^^;;

22nd-Jan-2017 02:02 pm (UTC)
(Also, is the older Haikyuu sales post up to date? There were a few items I would be interested in too, like the Iwachan plush pouch & the Suga mochi)
23rd-Jan-2017 10:11 am (UTC)
Hello!! this is hiroakki from mfc.

There are a few things I'd like to order:
-Little plastic zip pouches: Nekoma and Fukuroudani

-Uniform badges:
All Nekoma set (1,3,5,11) and All Fukuroudani set (4,5)
Karasuno (11)

How much does shipping cost to US?
just curious, if I am getting all the gengaten pencils, would you give some discount?
Thank you so much!!!

I am sorry this is totally irrelevant to your current post.
But, if you don't mind answering, I saw your tumblr post of Tendos jump festa report.
It seems like you got a lot of badges/pins left besides Shiratorizawa.
If you plan to sell them, would it be okay to combine here?
How much would it be for Fukuroudani: (Bokuto, Akaashi), and Tsukishima?
Do you by any chance has any Nekoma: (Kuroo and Kenma)?

23rd-Jan-2017 10:28 am (UTC)
I'll let you have the pencil set for $8!

Shipping for this lot would be $7! I'll also give you a small badge discount (Fukurodani set for $10). Making your total $57 with the pencils, or $49 without! Please send the total of your preference to cartoonridi@yahoo.no, or leave me your email address so I can send an invoice, thanks!

My Jump Festa goods are currently in storage and I won't be able to get to them before March or April, sorry! I can get back to you in a couple of months, but there's a chance I'll forget orz As far as I remember, I only have the Fukurodanis left.
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23rd-Jan-2017 01:51 pm (UTC)
Hello there! I'm nagisawakyuuti from tumblr.
If you'd be willing to part with it, I'd really just like the Tendou :,>
24th-Jan-2017 12:46 am (UTC)
*DEEP HOOT BREATH* No really, it's ok, you can have him, shipping should be about $7! So please send $42 to cartoonridi@yahoo.no or leave me your email so I can send you an invoice.
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25th-Jan-2017 10:50 pm (UTC)

This is Paulette Jo from Tumblr/Twitter and I was hoping that you still have $12: Ushijima Banpresto acrylic keychain and $10: Ushijima new years kuji rubber strap :)))

Please let me know, I really love ushijima ^^ PD. If you have more merch of him, I'm interested
26th-Jan-2017 02:49 pm (UTC)
Hey, sorry for the late reply! I was spending a couple of days at my friend's place.

Shipping for the two Ushijimas would be $6, making your total $28! Please send the total to cartoonridi@yahoo.no, or let me know your email so I can send you an invoice.

I don't think I have any extra Ushijimas at the moment, but I will update with more sales in the future, so who knows?
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27th-Jan-2017 07:07 am (UTC)
$15: Genga exhibition limited sketchbook if available! my email is pencilblotch@yahoo.com
27th-Jan-2017 07:14 am (UTC)
Shipping should be $6, sent you an invoice!
27th-Jan-2017 09:11 am (UTC)
I'm saikons from tumblr, (takes a deep breath)so theres a few things, if they're still availible :'''))))

+ Bundle Deal: Plastic-y tote bag, mini towel, soft minky blanket, and mini pillow
+Kageyama (Animate Only Shop limited acrylic bottle cap standees)
+ Hinata Rubber Strap
+ Goshiki acrylic bottlecap standee
27th-Jan-2017 09:16 am (UTC)
ahhhh asdgsdlfjh (saikons) here again, I accidentally posted the comment before I was done,,,,,, I was just wondering how much shipping costs are to New Zealand?
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28th-Jan-2017 06:17 pm (UTC) - another one order!
Hi, this is hiroakki from mfc again! :D
I saw new goods added, can't resist ><
For the "drop" key chains can I make an offer?
Kuroo, Kenma, Bokuto, Akaashi, Oikawa for total of $25?
Thank you for your consideration!
29th-Jan-2017 02:38 am (UTC) - Re: another one order!
Thanks for coming back! $5 each is actually lower than shelf price ($6 each), so I'd like a bit more than that. Could you do $30?
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